Sunday, 5 June 2016


Laksa Sarawak, the most popular local dish Sarawakians feast on at almost anytime of the day, is ready to take on this week's episode on The Makan Post. Laksa Sarawak is consumed for breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, dinner and supper, which makes it the most consumed dish as well here in Sarawak. One of the famous spots in Kuching to get a delicious bowl of this goodness is Mom's Laksa Kafe.

There are currently 2 branches of Mom's Laksa here in Kuching. Today, we went for the one closer to town, located at Jalan Haji Taha.

Besides laksa, they do have small stalls selling other local delicacies such as mee jawa, satay, rojak, sotong kangkung and belachan bi hun.

Their drinks were a little bit on the sweet side so be sure to ask for less sweet upon ordering. Here we have the Teh C Special, but with the usage of normal sugar syrup compared to the original gula melaka syrup.

This was their regular bowl of laksa.

The broth was glistening and was very thick. Fresh prawns with egg and generous chicken strips were placed on the top.

The broth, which is the most important component of the dish, was really thick and packed full of flavour from the shrimp paste. It had a spiciness that was just right to bring out the savoury flavours of the dish, but not overpowering. It was seasoned well and it's richness can just be seen by pouring it out from the spoon. It leaves you wanting more after each bite.

The prawns were springy and fresh, along with the crisp beansprouts and generous amount of chicken. Overall, it was a very balanced serving of everything in this dish.

For those who love laksa, perhaps a special would be the better portion for you. A regular sized laksa would leave you wanting more.

Mom's laksa opens daily from 6am to 6pm.

Ground Floor, 
Sublot No 2 Of Lot 2145 Section 65, 
Kuching Town Land District
Jalan Haji Taha,
93400 Kuching, Malaysia.

This is Jolynn signing off this week's episode on The Makan Post. Stay tuned for more.


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