Saturday, 31 October 2015


Sukha I think is one of the many popular cafes to visit in Kuching. They have what all good cafes have, great ambience, good food and service. I’ve been there a few times and I enjoyed my visit each time.

This café is of moderate size, with high ceilings and decorated with interesting antiques, like an old radio, and bikes above the customers. And of course the paper cranes they use as their café logo, delicately placed with strings and dangling mid-air, placed in a corner.

Sukha serves different variants of food, Asian, western and Asian fusion. Their creations are quite innovative, like the beef rendang pasta. I never heard of that one before. And there is also the typical traditional Asian meals, like spicy thai chicken rice. Though these are all delicious, however they are most famous for this western dish, fried chicken with buttermilk waffles. Hot damn, I never had such good fried chicken in my life.

This is usually the meal people order when they come to Sukha. It’s a specialty dish that is more commonly eaten as breakfast in America. It is what it is, deliciously marinated and well-seasoned crispy fried chicken and fluffy and light buttermilk waffles. I think making waffles with buttermilk, has it built with more flavor and packs a nice taste in one’s mouth. They serve it with garlic sauce, which I think combines a taste of sweet and salty from the chicken.

It’s a big helping, and with the sweetness of the waffles, has one very full quickly, even though I wanted MORE. 

My friends tried waffles with ice-cream and cinnamon apples, what can go wrong with vanilla ice-cream and waffles, absolutely nothing. The cinnamon apples were alright, I mean cinnamon and apples usually goes pretty well together, it’s a classic pairing. Tangy and sweet, the spice heightening those flavours.

Spicy Thai chicken, I, for the life in me, cannot handle spicy food. I had a bite of it, and I just can’t eat anymore. From what I heard though, it was quite good. I’m sorry I cannot elaborate. It was in my mouth for a few seconds before I quickly down my tea with it. The thai chicken was served with rice, and a fried egg on top of it.

Sukha’s chef really has good presentation. They plate the meals wonderfully, the cinnamon apples made into tiny roses on top of the waffles, they takes skill, my friends.

My friends and I shared a plate of churros. I had my share of churros, and my experience has been mixed. The worst one was in London, in a Christmas market. The churros dry, chocolate sauce was alright, it was just the churros I had a hard time swallowing. You would think in London, at a Christmas market, they would serve good food.

So back to churros, it was seasoned well, cinnamon and sugar, crispy, softly snaps as you break it. It was crunchy and wasn’t too oily when you consume it. The chocolate sauce I think had hints of banana to it. Overall, delicious, something you snack on, with no regrets.

I ordered a red tea latte, which I have to say was hugely overpriced. The meals there are mostly above ten ringgit, maximum of eighteen ringgit. It’s quite pricey but I think some of the meals would be worth it. But if it’s the tea, it's not worth it. Though the froth was prettily designed.

Here’s the link below of their facebook page for more information:

Sukha opens daily from 11am to 10.30pm except Wednesdays. Contact no: 082 454 158

Ground Floor, Lot 11963, 
Block 16 Brighton Square, 
Jalan Song, 
93350 Kuching, 

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